AMD FM2 Socket Part of MSI's Very Early Motherboard

We'll probably have to wait until next month before more info surfaces

We have just finished detailing a motherboard based on a still unreleased Intel chipset and, now, we get to check out a photo of an AMD-powered platform too.

This time around, we can't really go into as much detail as we could when checking out the Q77M vPro Motherboard.

That's because ASRock's platform has already been officially launched, but MSI's MS-7778 has only been spotted in a blurry photo posted on the VR-Zone forums.

For that matter, the name of the motherboard's manufacturer hasn't actually been specified, but the product name gives it away: MS-7778.

Advanced Micro Devices will formally introduce new processors in about two weeks, at Computex Taipei.

It stands to reason that mainboard companies will launch their products around the same time, which means we still have to wait before MSI goes official on this product.

The blurry photo still reveals some of the parts though, so we'll go ahead and list them here, starting with the PCI Express slots.

There are three PCI Express x1 slots, one half-size PCI Express slot for Wi-Fi modules (and whatever else fits in it) and a PCI Express x16 slot for graphics cards.

The chipset should be the A85, given the FM2 CPU socket, but we might get a surprise.

Moving on, two SATA ports are placed at the edge of the mainboard, at a 90-degree angle, while another four have regular placement.

As for the rear I/O panel, not all of it is visible, but enough made it into the photo to expose 7.1 channel audio (with optical S/PDIF), Ethernet, DVI, D-Sub and four USB 3.0 ports. Finally, pin headers for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 can be distinguished.

MSI may supply the MS-7778 as an OEM product. That is, a motherboard that will bear the brand of POC makers like Dell, HP, etc. No price is known yet.

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