AMD Expands Its Reach Across Industrial and Automotive Markets, Among Others

Its agreement with Symmetry Electronics allows it access to new distribution channels

AMD has been talking about a reform for over a year, and part of its strategy is to reduce the emphasis on consumer products and enter the industrial segment, including the embedded market.

It turns out that Advanced Micro Devices has been negotiating deals with IT companies that can provide it with the sort of resources it cannot amass on its own.

In this case, Symmetry Electronics has agreed to a partnership by which it will handle global distribution of AMD's products and technologies in fields like digital signage, industrial control, automotive, manufacturing, machine-to-machine technologies, and embedded devices.

Essentially, there is a whole new realm that the AMD embedded R-Series of APUs (accelerated processing units) needs to explore. The same goes for the G-Series.

A certain page on AMD's website has more information, as does

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