AMD Executive Gains Prestigious Transformational CIO Title

The company's chief information officer honored for his work

Apparently, the Best Choice of Computex Award is not the only prize gained by Advanced Micro Devices recently. The company also got recognized for its balancing of current market facts and future prospects.

It would be more accurate to say that the Sunnyvale, California-based company's chief information officer earned AMD this newest accolade. After all, the prize is called Transformational CIO Award for a reason.

That's right. AMD's current Chief Information Officer, Mike Wolfe, has earned the 2012 Transformation CIO Award, for his strategic management of AMD's assets.

Business costs were reduced, overall efficiency was boosted and even productivity was optimized under his supervision. He even managed to consolidate AMD's worldwide data centers.

“I am honored to receive this recognition, especially as it is so closely tied to AMD’s efforts with the cloud and consolidation,” Wolfe said.

“AMD’s private could is truly a showcase of the greatest benefits of cloud computing technology for businesses: flexibility, increased efficiency and hardware cost-saving through a strong focus on standardization across platforms.”

Wolfe upgraded and expanded base compute resource capacity of AMD's IT infrastructure by over 20%. He improved server utilization by 90% too.

Compared to pre-Bobcat x86 chips, which took weeks or months to complete tests and such, AMD's private cloud teams can go through all the data in a few days.

Currently, AMD's engineering development and support infrastructure uses cloud computing solutions, and other installations, which involve around 123,000 AMD Opetron cores.

“CIOs increasingly need to balance the realities of today with the possibilities of tomorrow – and one of their biggest challenges is how to integrate and streamline cloud services within their organizations,” said Rory Read, president and CEO, AMD.

“I congratulate Mike on this award, which recognizes him as an exceptional leader who, while overseeing one of the planet’s largest cloud infrastructures, is helping drive AMD’s mission to become more agile while successfully executing our innovative product roadmaps and business plans.”

Wolfe will focus on computing security next. More info should come out during the AMD Fusion Developer Summit, 2012 (June 11-15).

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