AMD E2-2300 Llano APU Works at 2.4 GHz

AMD has been promoting its Fusion platform even more intensely since it released the mainstream series of desktop and mobile APUs, though there are still items whose specs are known only thanks to leaks, like the E2-3200.

Advanced Micro Devices may have actually scored big with the Fusion technology, especially now that mainstream chips are out and about.

With processing capabilities that don't leave anything to chance, the chips also have graphics capabilities that more or less make low-end and mainstream video boards obsolete.

The A-Series of mid-range APUs (accelerated processing units), also known as Llano, definitely fit the bill, with their HD 6400, 6500 and even 6600 series graphics.

Still, only a few chips were revealed, the rest set to debut over the remainder of the year and beyond.

One of the processors said to be scheduled for launch during the fourth quarter of 2011 is the E2-3200, a dual-core model that nears the lower end of the performance range.

Until recently, there were no details on the specifications, but the folks over at Fudzilla claim to have unraveled this particular mystery.

The APU works at a base clock of 2.4 GHz, while the Radeon HD 6370D integrated GPU, featuring 160 stream processors, has a frequency of 443 MHz.

1MB of L2 cache memory is present, along with support for DDR3 RAM (random access memory) of 1,600 MHz.

Furthermore, one could say that this particular member of the E APU series is unique amongst its peers because of how it is constructed with compatibility for the FM1 chipset instead of the FT1.

In other words, it is more of a peer to the A-Series of APUs than the E-series it is officially part of.

The only real downside is that the Turbo Core technology is not supported, meaning that the 2.4 GHz clock won't be able to go any higher.

There is no mention of pricing, but the E2-3200 will most certainly be among the cheapest chips out there.

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