AMD E1-1500 APU in the Works, E2-2000 Also Coming

Both of them have a TDP of 18 Watts and two x86 cores

Just like Intel is preparing new Celeron and Pentium processors, Advanced Micro Devices is getting ready to launch a couple more accelerated processing units (APUs).

There are two APUs that have come to our attention, though it was Fudzilla that first learned about them, assuming the report is correct.

One might think it odd that the Brazos 2.0 platform is still around, but then again, it was only launched in June 2012, and under six months would be too short a marketing lifetime.

There are also plenty of entry-level and ultra-thin laptops that can benefit from a chip of this sort, given the TDP (thermal design power) of 18 W.

Out of four (E1-1200, E1-1500, E2-1800 and E2-2000), there are two processors that haven't yet been launched: E1-1500 and E2-2000.

Both of them are dual-core models with 1 MB cache memory and the aforementioned 18W TDP, but that is where the similarities end.

The former operates at 1.48 GHz and has a graphics processing unit with a clock speed of 529 MHz. The model of the IGP is unspecified.

The E2-2000 is slightly better detailed. A dual-core with a frequency of 1.75 GHz, it features the Radeon HD 7340 integrated GPU with a base clock speed of 523 MHz but a turbo speed of 680 MHz.

Overall, the chips aren't all that mighty, but they will get the job done when employed in nettops, netbooks, ultrathin laptops and other, low-cost applications.

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