AMD Demonstrates Fanless A10-5700K Trinity System

The case used is completely made from aluminum and it houses an ASUS mainboard

AMD has surprised everybody today with a set of Trinity pricing that make us go and buy one just to test its capabilities.

In Japan, the company decided to show what could be done with its new APUs and, among numerous FM2 motherboards, they’ve demonstrated a completely fanless Trinity system.

The case used by the system is a high quality Streacom FC5 OD fanless chassis that can house MicroATX and MiniITX motherboards so MSI should have something to fit inside it as we reported here.

The cooling system is very well designed and it takes the heat away from the CPU by using six copper heatpipes with a considerable length and transfers it to the outside part of the case.

As a matter of fact, that exterior wall of the case is made of thick, solid aluminum and it is basically shaped like a heatspreader.

The CPU used was an AMD A10-5700K that runs at a default 3400 MHz and has the option to Turbo up to 4 GHz.

This is a quad-core CPU with a full complement of 4 MB L2 cache and 384 VLIW4 Radeon cores running at 760 MHz.

The interesting aspect is the fact that AMD lists A10-5700K on the cardboard although we know that this CPU is not yet available in the official launch lineup.

This might be an OEM-only processor, but it’s interesting as OEM’s are usually not interested in unlocked CPUs.


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