AMD Confirms FX-Series CPUs Will Launch in Q4 2011

Those hoping for a Q3 release will be disappointed

An AMD representative recently confirmed that the company's first desktop FX-Series chips based on the high-performance Bulldozer architecture will arrive in Q4 of this year, and not Q3 as initially though.

This information was released by John Fruehe, the Director of Product Marketing for Server, Embedded and FireStream products at AMD, in the comments section of one of its blog posts were it announced the first shipments of 16-core Interlagos CPUs.

“Interlagos is a server part, there is no desktop variant. The client version of Bulldozer is Zambezi and it will launch in Q4,” said Fruehe.

The company representative refrained himself from providing any other details regarding the launch of these chips, but a report that came to light yesterday pointed out that AMD is looking at an October release.

If the October timeframe is indeed true, then AMD's FX-Series processors could arrive one month before Intel's next-generation CPUs based on the Sandy Bridge-E architecture.

Bulldozer is the code-name given to AMD's upcoming high-performance architecture that has been in development for over four years now.

Unlike the company's previous designs, Bulldozer will use a new approach that relies on a modular architecture. Each module includes two processing cores, as well as other components, and these can be paired together to form CPUs with up to eight computing cores.

The first desktop chips built using this new architecture were expected to launch in June of this year, but AMD had some troubles with the initial versions of these processors and were forced to postpone the launch for August or September of this year.

However, the new information provided by Freuhe suggests they won't be able to conform to this launch date.

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