AMD Announces Support for Microsoft's DirectX 12 API

It will try to keep Mantle ahead in terms of performance overhead though

Even though Advanced Micro Devices has every intention of going forward with the Mantle application programming interface, the company has announced support for the DirectX 12 API that Microsoft has just released.

Like NVIDIA did, the Sunnyvale, California-based company has announced full support for DirectX 12.

AMD will, of course, continue to work on Mantle. After all, who knows better how to optimize application operation on graphics core next GPUs than the makers of said GPUs?

It can't afford to skip on DirectX 12 support though, because not all game developers have come on board with Mantle. Many might not have the budget and staff power to code their titles for both APIs.

Others might simply prefer the familiarity of DirectX, although with DV 12 being built from scratch, some might wonder if that even factors in anymore.

Anyway, AMD says that games and game developers can still gain many benefits from "lower-overhead API development."

"With the Mantle API, AMD has shown the world our commitment to incredible performance, and we look forward to enabling the same performance gains by supporting the industry-standard DirectX 12," said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, Graphics Business Unit.

Alas, AMD has not published the list of cards that are compatible with DX12. A “support schedule” will be made public at a later date. That's what the outfit said in its press release.

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