AMD A4-1350, the Latest Ultra-Low Power APU from California

It merges the assets of A6-Series CPU cores and A4-Series graphics

Accelerated Processing Units continue to come forward in a steady stream, and the latest stands somewhere half-way between the A4 and the A6 Series.

It is classified as the former though, A4-1350, despite its CPU cores being more similar to those of A6 chips.

Then again, this is a low-power unit, so some concessions had to be made to performance, hence the A4 qualification.

Anyway, the newcomer is a quad-core chip with 1 GHz core frequency and Radeon HD 8120 integrated graphics (300 MHz, 128 Graphics Core Next shaders). The memory controller copes with DDR3-1600 memory.

Meanwhile, the cache memory is of 2 MB (L2). All in all, not bad for an 8W Jaguar-based chip.

Now if only the Sunnyvale company actually scored more tablet and ultraportable laptop design wins.

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