AMD 8-Core FX Bulldozer and Other CPUs Will Sell Starting June

AMD may have unveiled the first few Fusion chips, but it has yet to unleash its high-end Bulldozer processors, a product whose release a certain report claims to have found the schedule for.

While Advanced Micro Devices has scored quite a few design wins with its Fusion APUs, it does not have anything that can really compete with Intel's mainstream and high-end Sandy Bridge chips, not yet at least.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the Sunnyvale, California-based company doesn't already have a release plan for such solutions.

In fact, the folks over at X-bit Labs claim to have seen a document with the exact release schedule for AMD's upcoming CPUs.

In total, there will be two quad-core AMD FX4000-series models, two six-core FX6000 chips and a total of four 8-core FX8000-series processors. Also, there will be eleven dual-core and quad-core APUs from the A series.

The first AMD FX-series units powered by the Bulldozer architecture will debut in June, 2011, with the high-end ones set for the 20th.

They are meant for desktops and are likely intended to paint a nice image for the entire CPU line of the year, since these high-tier processors are set to outperform Phenom II units by 50%.

Obviously, a performance increase of 50% over current central processors is nothing to be frowned upon, especially if the world's second greatest x86 chip supplier manages to keep prices accessible as well.

Not long afterwards, the aforementioned A-Series APUs (accelerated processing units) will come forth, with the first Llano slated for July 4.

Of course, it is possible that the plans may still suffer some changes, but there is no doubt that AMD is getting ready for a serious push on the consumer chip market, though it did not comment on this particular report.

All that remains is to wait and see, and speculate on how the formal launch will actually take place and if it will be held at the E3 trade show or not.

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