AMAs 2012: Justin Bieber Doesn’t Appreciate Jenny McCarthy’s Kisses

Others would kill to be in his place but The Biebs tries to laugh it off

Other men would kill to have Jenny McCarthy kiss and nuzzle their neck but Justin Bieber doesn’t appreciate such public displays of affection – or, at least, he did not at last night’s 2012 American Music Awards.

Video of the whole thing is above.

The bottom line is that Jenny thought it would be funny to go behind Justin’s back and kiss his face and neck repeatedly, just like she would a child’s, I assume.

He was on stage to accept an award.

The former glamour girl probably had no idea The Biebs has a reputation for not liking to be touched, but I assume she found that out when she saw the look on his face after she “escaped” from her arms (above).

“I feel violated right now,” Justin tried to laugh it off afterwards. The damage was already done by then.

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