AKB48 Pop Star Shaves Head to Apologize for Dating – Video

Minami Minegishi has broken the group’s rule and is now apologizing for it

Minami Minegishi, one of the most popular idols in Japan’s AKB48 group, has shaved her head after breaking the group’s number one rule: that of dating. Above is a video she posted on YouTube explaining her gesture.

The tearful star talks about how she let herself, her friends and her fans down by dating. She’s clearly sporting a new, very badly done cut, which could mean she got it herself just before she made the video.

Speaking of which, the vid has already topped 7 million views and it was only posted hours ago.

“I was supposed to set an example for younger members, but my actions were extremely careless and senseless. My mind has gone completely blank. I don’t know what I can do or what I should do, but I couldn’t bear to do nothing,” she says.

Minami was busted coming out of a male band member’s room by tabloid reporters, who also snapped pictures and ran them as proof of her trespassing.

In the 4-minute video, she’s practically begging to be allowed to continue with the group.

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