AK-47 Rifles Converted into Awesome Jewelry

The profit obtained after selling the items is used to reduce violet conflicts in Africa

Fonderie 47 is an eco-conscious enterprise, exploiting the benefits of a philanthropic mission that pays off. The company has designed a line of one-of-a-kind luxurious pieces of jewelry, made of 6,000 weapons of mass destruction, confiscated from Congo.

In order to achieve awesome-looking results, the company has worked in partnership with gifted designers, combining melted steel with gold to introduce an exquisite collection of earring, rings and bracelets.

Far from being a company interested only in expanding its own profit margins, Fonderie 47 is using the financial earnings to support nongovernmental organizations such as the Mines Advisory Group, struggling to annihilate weapon trade and violent armed conflicts in Africa.

It seems that every cent paid for these items backs a noble cause. According to officials from Fonderie 47, a ring made of steel and gold is expected to stop 75 guns from being used by Africans.

Even though everyone should be given the chance to contribute to this charitable project, the products are definitely destined only for the wealthy, since prices vary from $23,000 (€18,108) to no less than $35,000 (€27,556).

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