ADATA Suffers from Low Memory Sales, Revenues Fall

While one company is plotting its escape, another is doing damage control

Since we’ve learned that PQI is preparing to completely drop any and all plans for further PC Ram development, ADATA's financial troubles aren't really that shocking at this point.

ADATA Technology is, primarily, a manufacturer of memory products.

The company has finished compiling its finances for the month of November 2012, and it is none too pleased with the results.

DRAM accounted for 45.6% of the overall revenues, which is a huge jump compared to the 28.52% in October.

As such, the 3.6% fall in revenue compared to the previous month, and 20.2% compared to November 2011, is largely the fault of the generally low memory prices.

Since demand isn't showing signs of recovery, this trend is bound to continue. Still, this is one company that isn't likely to quit the DRAM business any time soon.

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