ADATA Formally Launches NH13 Portable HDD

Going ahead with its role as purveyor of storage solutions, ADATA has issued a short press announcement it which it reveals the existence of a new set of portable hard disk drives.

Portable hard disk drives were practically a hit the moment the 2.5-inch form factor was invented, and the same can be said about SSDs (solid state drives).

Though flash drives did exist at the time, they hadn't (and mostly still haven't), reached the point where they could store too many large files, like films.

What's more, though there are USB flash drives of 64 GB or much more, they aren't exactly that affordable.

The price of a 2.5-inch portable HDD is not that much higher than the one of a standard desktop unit and the capacity is nothing to be skipped over.

ADATA is one of the companies known to invest a great deal of attention in the making and selling of portable drives.

Its latest move consisted of the NH13 HDD collection, one that, at the moment, is still only composed of two members.

One of them has a storage space of 500 GB, while the other boasts a capacity of 750 GB.

Both newcomers are constructed with the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface and can be colored black or silver.

For those that want a reminder, the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard is the newest iteration of Universal Serial Bus and has a theoretical maximum bandwidth of 5 Gbps.

With this to ensure a high performance, ADATA also made sure that the aluminum cases of both models are scratch resistant and glossy.

Finally, they are primarily aimed at professionals and business users and, as extra assets, have a measure of shock resistance, meaning that dropping them once or twice won't damage them overmuch. Unfortunately, ADATA did not say anything in regards to pricing.

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