ACM Awards 2013: Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Wife Beth Spills Out of Dress – Photo

Couple take the cream for worst dressed at the awards show

Beth Chapman and Duane Lee Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter have been stuck in a fashion rut for decades and, judging by their appearance at last night’s ACM Awards 2013, it’s unlikely they’ll get out soon either.

Check out the two photos attached to this blog post to see how these two managed to bring the bad fashion of the late ‘80s on the red carpet at the ACMs. And they didn’t even have a time machine.

Now, I am in no way mocking Beth for being a heavy-bosomed woman – or one with curves, come to think of it. Neither do I believe she shouldn’t flaunt it if she got it and, trust me, she definitely got it!

However, my understanding of fashion is that, when you have this ample a cleavage, wearing something as low cut as that dress can’t possibly look good on you, particularly if you do so at an event as prestigious as the ACMs, the Oscars of country music.

Dog, on the other hand, should totally consider ditching the baked look. I can’t say anything of his mullet because it’s his “thing” now so he can’t possibly part with it.

More photos here. And something nice to wrap up: I love how happy and in love they seem.


Dog the Bounty Hunter at the ACMs 2013 (2 Images)

Gallery Image
Gallery Image

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