ACCESS Launches NetFront Life App Series

Recently, leading provider of advanced software technologies for mobile devices, as well as for the beyond-PC and digital TV markets, announced the release of a new application series for end users, dubbed NetFront Life.

The initial release includes a number of four applications, among which we can count NetFront Life Browser, NetFront Life Documents, NetFront Life Screen, and Graffiti.

According to the company, these applications will be delivered directly to Android and iOS smartphones and tablet PCs. The aforementioned four applications were already added to the Android Market.

Moreover, the software designer notes that the applications should provide users with enhanced functionality and productivity, and that the solutions will soon the accompanied by more apps with support for Android tablet PCs.

“NetFront Life applications bring together all of the technologies and experience that ACCESS has achieved from years developing mobile software,” the company notes.

The new NetFront Life Browser comes with HTML5 compatibility, as well as with leading-edge features, the company notes, adding that NetFront Life Documents is a Microsoft Office document viewer.

The NetFront Life Screen was released as an application aimed at enabling customizations of the handset's homescreen, while Graffiti is a single-stroke handwriting recognition application.

The company also announced that the NetFront Life service has at its base a cloud-based system which includes servers for managing applications and for an application-embedded store, as well as a distribution system for application-embedded advertisements.

ACCESS plans on offering the system to companies in publishing, advertising, and retail for speeding up the increase of marketing and advertising services aimed at mobile devices.

“Together with the expansion of the smartphone market, the demand for applications which are able to customize terminals according to the user’s preference is increasing throughout the world,” said Tomihisa Kamada, president and CEO, ACCESS.

“ACCESS’ NetFront embedded software series has been adopted by carriers and manufacturers all over the world, and the total number of devices in which the software has been deployed is soon expected to reach one billion.

“Utilizing this experience, we have brought the NetFront Life series for end users to market. We will continue to make every effort to provide products and services which realize an enriched mobile life for users by reflecting the requests from customers during development and by continuously optimizing the development process,” Tomihisa Kamada continued.

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