ABC Sued over Soaps “All My Children” and “One Life to Live”

Production company Prospect Park takes ABC to court for $25 million (€19.1 million)

Production company Prospect Park is taking legal action against ABC, which licensed “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” two of the network’s biggest soap operas, to it two years ago, Deadline has learned.

The lawsuit comes just one week before Prospect Park makes the two soaps available online, and claims that ABC has been literally sabotaging efforts to make them successful online, even though that was part of the deal.

“In the complaint, which was filed today with the LA Superior Court, Prospect Park claims that ABC has been breaking the licensing agreement and sabotaging Prospect Park’s efforts to continue AMC and OLTL online,” Deadline reports.

“Requesting a jury trial, the suit seeks damages of at least $25 million [€19.1 million] from Disney-owned ABC,” the same media outlet says.

One of the allegations that Prospect makes is that ABC agreed to let them have a say in the fate of the characters on both shows, and then broke that agreement by killing off several of them.

As of now, ABC has refused to comment on the lawsuit, and will probably see the case go to trial and the case closed (one way or another) before it releases a statement.

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