A new telescope for spying out the alien life

In California

We don't know anything for sure about aliens. Are they the terrible monsters from Alien Series or just friendly creatures like in ET?

First of all, do they really exist? There are just a few questions to which the new telescope which will began operating this month at SETI Institute in Northern California is trying to answer.

This telescope is just an undergoing project and will be able to examine more stars in a year or two than Earth-bound scientists have been able to study in more than 45 years, the Washington Post reported Monday.

"We could have a billion intelligent cultures with radio waves buzzing around them, but we haven`t had the capability to detect them," said astronomer Michael M. Davis, who overseas the project.

But the most intriguing part is the name of the telescope: The Allen Telescope Array. And, yes, you are right. It is the same person, Paul Allen, Microsoft`s co-founder, which was its most generous donor.

And this is not the first scientific project for Paul Allen. According to Washington Post Paul Allen has helped fund the Experience Science Fiction Museum in Seattle and SpaceShipOne, the first privately financed manned spacecraft.

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