"A friend with weed, a friend indeed."

True or false?

Some time ago, I've written about drugs and addicts but in a more general way. As I've seen that drugs are an issue constantly growing, I've decided to write about it again and this time to be more specific. So many young men use drugs that the matter tends to be considered a normal way of entertaining.

This week we'll be discussing about the most popular drug: cannabis.

Cannabis is a plant called in Latin "Cannabis Sativa" and only its leaves are used in different ways as illicit drugs. Usually, the dry leaves are hashed and mixed with tobacco and smoked. This mixture is called Marijuana.

These are regarded as easy drugs and their effects are ignored, being the most popular "recreational drugs".

The effects of smoking pot appear in just a few minutes: relaxation, laughter, a great need for communication or, on the contrary, of isolation from others, intensification of visual/audio perceptions, creativity, and hunger. The way of administrating this drug and the quality/quantity of the dose can determine the effects to appear in half an hour or in several hours after taking it.

The most affected persons, on a psychological level, are the ones predisposed to depression and anxiety. Cannabis consumers have red eyes and can develop symptoms as disorientation or paranoia. Using Cannabis can lead to a diminished ability of concentrating, the incapacity of mechanical skills (that's why driving is extremely dangerous), a distortional perception of reality and a deteriorated capacity of memorizing new information.

Cannabis smokers can present dizziness or vomiting sensations. As a result of a regular use of Cannabis, one can lose any motivation for any kind of action, developing the so-called syndrome of "I'll do it tomorrow", and can experience a short term loss of memory. Students that smoke pot on a regular basis can't study anymore for exams. The good thing is that, after a while from the moment one has stopped smoking marijuana, these effects disappear.

It has been proven though that Tetrahydrocarbinol, the substance that determines the concentration of active drug in the plant's leaves, can be used for the amelioration of symptoms present in several diseases. It can efficiently work on the vomiting sensation induced by the cytostatics treatment of the cancer patients, decrease the intraocular tension in people that suffer from glaucoma and it can ameliorate the symptoms of different diseases of the neuro- muscular system as Miastenia gravis.

These being said, are you willing to go through all that for just one smoke? My advice is that the saying "A friend with weed, a friend indeed" proves to be totally false, so don't let it trick you into something you're surely going to regret later. So… that was it about marijuana. I'll be back with some basic information about other drugs soon.

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