A Sunset on an Earth-like Moon with Two Suns – Photo

What the sky might look like on a moon orbiting Kepler 47c and its two suns

One of the more interesting prospects of extraterrestrial life is something that developed not on an Earth-like planet but rather on a moon orbiting a gas giant. It has long been speculated that such moons could have conditions favorable to life, even if not exactly like the one on Earth.

There's a possibility that this type of moons in our own solar system could harbor life, Jupiter's Europa for example.

While a mission to Europa is still decades away and we haven't spotted any moons around any of the known exosolar gas giants, our technology doesn't allow this yet, it can't hurt to imagine what such a world would be like.

Or better yet, recreate such a world with computer graphics providing a glimpse of what it would be like on a moon like this.

One artist picked not just any moon, but one that might be orbiting Kepler 47c, a Neptune-sized gas giant orbiting the binary system Kepler 47.

The pair of stars is made up of a star as large as the sun, though a bit dimmer, and a smaller companion just one third the size of the sun and 100 times less bright.

The imagined world is a moon orbiting Kepler 46c. Two suns and one giant planet nearby make for a spectacular sky, as the sunset in the image shows.

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