A-Solar Delivers Two New Solar Chargers to iPhone Owners

However great present day smartphones are there is one thing that still manages to elude them, that being battery life, so A-Solar has developed a series of Apple licensed solar chargers for iPhone, that enable you to recharge your phone wherever you may be, as long as some sunlight is available.

Coming with “Made for iPhone” certification, the company's latest solar chargers feature energy efficient solar cells which can charge the li-ion battery build-in inside them, a USB port being also available to recharge the battery when there is no sunlight available.

The similarities between the Super Charger and Power Pack devices however end here, since the latter comes as a protective case, battery pack combo while the former attaches itself to your iPod or iPhone as an additional unit, delivering 1900mAh of juice to your phone when needed.

The Power Pack is a little bit more limited, offering “just” 1600mAh of additional power, although its design makes it much more easy to use compared to the Super Charger.

When it comes down to charge times, the whole process takes quite a bit of time if you use sunlight, the Super Charger needing up to 20 hours to be recharged in this way, its older brother needing “just” 14 hours to get fully charged.

"We get a lot of feedback from our customers who say they are very satisfied with the usability and capabilities of the iPhone.

However, a complaint often heard is that the battery of the iPhone runs out of energy quickly.

Not surprising when iPhone users are calling, sending SMS, reading e-mail and twittering all day long," says Ralph Both, director of A-solar.

Both of these products are already available out there, the Super Charger being retailed at €39,00 while the Power Pack features an €49,00 price tag.


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