A Raspberry Pi Connected to the Internet Needs to Be Secured Against Threats – Infographic

Trend Micro provides some advice on how to secure the device

The Raspberry Pi is a highly popular microcomputer, with around 1.2 million units being sold as of April 2012. But does this device needs to be secured against cyber threats?

An interesting infographic published recently by security firm Trend Micro says that if the device is connected to the Internet, it should be secured.

The Raspberry Pi can be used for various purposes, including as a portable computer, a file storage server, a gaming device, a home security control box, and as an educational device.

However, when it’s connected to the Internet, the Raspberry Pi is susceptible to many of the threats that target any computer, including malware, data theft, and other cybercriminal activities.

To make sure your Raspberry Pi is protected against such threats, make sure that you enable all the security features of the operating system you’re using. Also, ensure that the network the device is connected to is secure.

Finally, avoid downloading apps from untrusted and unverified sources.

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