A Quarter of Facebook Users, 251 Million People, Play Games, Just Not on Zynga That Much

Facebook is still a great place for games, the site says

By on October 26th, 2012 13:34 GMT

Zynga may be going through a rough patch, but Facebook says gaming on the platform is at all-time high. In fact, while Farmville may have faded in popularity, there are now 251 million people playing games on Facebook, compared to 226 million last year.

Granted, Facebook also added some 200 million more active users in that same time, so the percentage of Facebook users who play games has actually gone down.

However, there's another big variable here, mobile usage. More and more people use Facebook on their phones and tablets where canvas games, i.e. the ones on the desktop site, won't work.

What's more, Facebook doesn't include in the figure Android or iOS games that tap into Facebook for social features.

Still, Facebook believe games have a great future on the site. And it believes the reason behind the growing interest has been a focus on quality lately and less on spamming as many people as possible.

Whether that has anything to do with Zynga's decline is up for debate.


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Games are still very popular on Facebook
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   Games are still very popular on Facebook