A Portable Mini Golf Course: Fun on the Go

Endless fun in a backpack

If you are looking for a completely green (as in environmentally-friendly) source of fun, affordable and usable at any time of the year, indoor or outdoor, then this portable miniature golf course by the name of MyMiniGolf is definitely one thing really worthy to take a closer look at. No matter if you're a skilled golf player or a fun-seeking amateur, we’re talking about a toy with its own personality, which you'll find quite challenging.

MyMiniGolf comes as a 7-obstacle circuit and it is completely portable so you can easily carry it with you and have it installed in just instants pretty much anywhere possible.

Small and lightweight, the pieces of MyMiniGolf can be easily stowed away in a backpack you can bring with you to a backyard party or inside, if the weather is not that good. This golf course is even more fun as each of its pieces is completely independent and this way you can permanently alter the design of your game and even adapt it to the physical particularities of your terrain.

Created by George Pal and Hannes Weber of defacto.GmbH, the pieces of MyMiniGolf come in pleasant light yellow and green and have been drafted from injection-molded ABS while the putter is made of chrome-plated steel with aluminium head and a rubber handle. Everything comes in a special nylon carrying bag with rules, score board and two balls.

Thanks to the special make of this nifty toy, you can even have it installed in your office, for a great golfing session with your colleagues, without caring for the nasty weather or the fact that you're wearing a System of a Dawn t-shirt. Fun for kids as well, MyMiniGolf looks like one very good present idea for the oncoming holidays. You can have it for $329 and you can definitely consider becoming the living room version of Tiger Woods. Or at least try to.

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