A Pod Not for the iPod: Lu Lee's Pea Speakers

Induction recharging and Bluetooth sound

Well, the Pea Speakers from designer Lu Lee are definitely something you don't get to see everyday, unless, of course, you actually own such a bizarre piece of technology. Or, should I say “pieces of technology”? If you’ve been looking for speakers with real attitude, then the Peas are definitely for you: while boasting an intriguing design, these speakers look like they're set on conquering your entire living space and leave no corner of your residence “uncovered.”


Now, if you've been looking for surround sound, the Peas may not make your day, as they're made for stereo and that's about as far as they'll go. However, my guess would be that their designer expected you picked a dedicated sound system for your home cinema habits, and went for the Peas just to make your friends go “wow!”.


The Peas are nothing more and nothing less than 7 spherical wireless speakers, each loaded with 4 drivers that ensure a dramatically even sonic dispersion in your room. You can roll them, and carry some with you around the house and thus make the sound of your fave tunes heard across spaces way larger than you'd ever expected. Furthermore, one special sphere comes with a volume control that alters the sound level for all the remaining units, of course, wirelessly.


These sound bubbles are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Now, don't you think that the wireless connection stops to sound streaming and volume control: when you decide it's time for one or more of the spheres to be recharged, just pick them up and load them inside the special design transparent pod, and their batteries will be juiced up via induction, without any wires whatsoever.


While coming in either black or white finish, the Pea speakers can also be used as dual sophisticated floorstanders, especially since they can be paired as well. Just watch out for them and keep them safe from your kids or pets, or your sound will most likely spill all over the room, literally. No word on pricing or availability yet, unfortunately.

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