A Kindle Loaded with eBooks Is Heavier than an Empty One, Says Scientist

Storing eBooks costs you more than just memory space

If you thought that loading your Kindle up with eBooks won't cost you anything more than storage space, you need to think about that again as a scientist has found out that a loaded Kindle is actually heavier than an empty one.

Computer science professor John D. Kubiatowicz, who works at the University of California, Berkeley, set out to answer this question for The New York Times.

At the end of his research he found out that a loaded Kindle is actually 10-18 grams heavier, reports Geek.com.

While you won't surely fell the added weight, the research does prove that every book out there weights something, even when we are talking about electronic books.

The added weight actually comes from the extra energy that needs to be stored by the device in order to keep the additional data in its Flash memory.

So, next time when you sit together with your Kindle loving friends, be sure to remember this piece of info if you want to amaze everyone with your advanced knowledge of Amazon's device.

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