A Hose and a Speaker Combine to Create Motionless Spiraling Water

The illusion is done with science not CGI or editing

Watching the video above, you wonder if it's fake. Water just can't float in mid air like that, can it? Well, you'd be right, it is fake, but not in the way you think it is.

In the video, a large speaker outputs a single 24 Hz wave. You can barely hear it in the video, 24 Hz is close to the limits of human hearing and below the limit of most microphones.

The sound seems to be making the water behave very strangely. In reality, the water does't actually move like that, but there's no "photoshopping" involved.

Instead, the trick with the camera. The camera used to make the video is set to 24 frames per second, that is, it takes 24 still shots ever second.

24 fps is enough for our eyes and brain to interpret motion as being continuous, so it's enough to shoot and then display 24 images in a second for our brain to be fooled. That's how all video works.

But even if it looks continuous to us, there are still only 24 individual shots every second. It's no coincidence that the tone coming out of the speaker is set to 24 Hz, that is, 24 times a second.

The hose actually vibrates 24 times every second, sending the water jet in a circulatory motion. Because of the sync in speeds, the camera catches the hose in the same exact spot every time, making it seem like it sit still.

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