“A Good Day to Die Hard” Rules Box Office on Opening Weekend

Critically panned film scores big with audiences, as was to be expected

And now we know for certain that another “Die Hard” film will be made: the latest installment in the franchise, the critically panned “A Good Day to Die Hard” has just finished the weekend atop the US and international box office.

Even though the film failed to impress critics (and myself and dozens of other fans in my theater), wide audiences were won over by the fast-paced action and flocked to see it in theaters, according to figures obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

“After a touch-and-go start, the Bruce Willis starrer A Good Day to Die Hard has pulled ahead of rivals Safe Haven and holdover Identity Thief to narrowly win Presidents Day weekend with a three-day gross of $25 million[€18.6 million]. The 20th Century Fox pic now is projected to earn $30 million [€22.4 million] for the full holiday weekend, pushing its five-day domestic debut to $38.3 million [€28.6 million],” THR says.

“Overseas, the fifth installment in the series topped the international box office with $61.1 million [€45.6 million] for a foreign total of $80.1 million [€59.8 million] and worldwide haul of $113.3 million [€84.6 million],” adds the same industry publication.

If you had doubts about a new installment or, like me, were actually hoping it would never be made, now’s the time to get real: another “Die Hard” film will come. All that’s left for us is the hope that, at least, it will be better.

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