A Free Automatic Logo Maker

The easiest way to create a logo

If you searched for a free logo maker, you may have found many alternatives over the Internet. From a designer's point of view, a logo could be created with any image processing application, but for a beginner webmaster, this task is definitely a challenge.

Practically, for a skilled person, a logo could be easily made in a Windows Paint-like application. A company logo must be unique and, as a consequence, its design must contain as much as possible only original elements. Logo Ease and Graphic Design Ltd. provides a free service that allows you to create and save professional logo designs without the need of having technical knowledge.

In order to be able to save your logo, this web service requires you to sign up (the sign up confirmation via email is not necessary). First, you will have to choose the image logo category. It will automatically be open in an editor where you can resize image, add text or change the color of various image logo parts. There are over 100 images to select from as well as a high number of fonts.

You will be able to switch between various design samples by changing layout, color or logo text font. If you do not know where to begin from, the free logo samples provided might help you. When you finish the logo and save it, you will receive files that can be used as electronic media or printed out. If you are used to edit vector source files (which are included also in the download), the final form of your logo could be also customized with the help of an appropriate image editor like CorelDraw for example. Image files are provided in common formats like eps, png, jpg and tiff.

For advanced users, this service could also be helpful because it provides various design ideeas and, at the same time, allows the testing of various design possibilities. The usage of this free logo design service could save you a lot of time by offering you already made solutions for a certain logo design.

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