A Few Drawbacks of Kindle Paperwhite You Might Not Know

Keep these few things in mind when weighing the benefits of an order

The media has been all over the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader from Amazon, but we feel that it might help to say what the device doesn't have, just to minimize the risks of people not getting what they expect.

Prospective buyers from Europe may want to pay special attention, as the item is only available for pre-order there, not shipping.

One of the disadvantages of the gadget is the distinct lack of audio. There’s no more music while reading and, by extension, no text-to-speech either.

The front lighting is also not perfect: the light is uneven, though Amazon assures us the screen areas affected are those where no text is displayed.

Furthermore, the storage capacity is kind of low, at 2GB, although it shouldn't be a problem in absence of audio file collections.

Amazon, at least, gets points for being proactive about this and adding the “We Want You to Know” section on the Kindle Paperwhite homepage, where it plainly lays out these matters.

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