A Dog and a Baby Have a Real Conversation

A husky dog and a baby share the same language, even manage to argue

If you like dogs and babies, this video is the one for you, as it displays how these two species are starting to get along, even developing a similar language. 

What goes on in the clip appears to be a real conversation between a human and an animal. The admittedly small human seems to be arguing with the much larger dog.

When the feisty husky dog disagrees, he just starts howling. He cannot keep up with the baby though, as he keeps nagging him.

This clip, uploaded to The Chive 3 days ago, received 300,000 views and was liked by 3,400 users.

“This is how the uprising begins….,” the uploader writes in the description.

“Mother of God,” is another comment on the video, this time added in its title.

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