A-Data and SandForce Announce SSD Development Partnership

The two will develop enterprise storage solutions for the high-end market

Cloud computing technology is set to take off very soon and storage-solution developers are faced with the need to create high-density and reliable storage units capable of meeting the high reliability and speed demands of cloud infrastructures. In order to more easily develop high-performance enterprise storage modules, A-Data and SandForce have teamed up and will each release products incorporating each other's key technological features. This development comes after SandForce's know-how was also called upon by OCZ.

“Combining high-performance SSD Processors from SandForce with A-DATA’s experienced design team and complete manufacturing base is expected to create synergy to further propel the SSD performance to the ultimate,” Gibson Chen, vice president of A-DATA Technology, said. “From enterprise solutions designed for high-end workstations to mainstream solutions for general personal computing, A-DATA strives to optimize each aspect and detail to bring out an outstanding performance.”

The two will be collaborating on a broad-scale basis. A-Data will build its next product lineup integrating SandForce-Based solid state drives and the latter's SF-1500 and SF-1200 SSD processors will be embedded into A-Data's storage units, giving them the performance capabilities needed to meet the demands of cloud computing environments. Next year, the two will focus on multiple interface connectivity and industrial solutions.

“Combining A-DATA’s expertise in peripheral memory products for both high-end and mainstream PCs with SandForce’s industry-leading SSD processor technology will create SSDs with outstanding reliability, performance and power efficiency,” Thad Omura, vice president of marketing at SandForce Inc., added. “Leveraging A-DATA’s design and production platform will help us drive SandForce products into new markets.”

Already, the two companies have products in the final testing stages. The lineup will be released soon and some products will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2010.

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