A Brand New YouTube App for Google TVs

The app has been updated to make it easier to discover channels and videos

Google has updated the YouTube app for Google TV, one of the biggest updates to date. YouTube is one of the central apps of Google TV and a new version means an improved experience for Google TV users.

The new app is faster, Google boasts, and also makes it easier to discover new stuff, channels in particular, to start following on YouTube.

"In the next few days we’re releasing an update to your YouTube experience on Google TV making it faster and easier to find great content, adding YouTube channel pages, and giving you more control over your experience," Google announced.

"First you’ll notice the app works faster with smoother navigation for a better experience. Next, we’ve added a new feature called Discover, which lets you browse YouTube channels by categories," it said.

"Whether you’re looking for hilarious comedy, delectable cooking content, or the latest news, you can find great channels for any of your interests," it added.

The same feature is available in the main YouTube site, but Google is now making it possible to browse for channels to discover new ones that you may want to subscribe to.

Speaking of channels, the channel pages have been updated in the new app. It's easier to find videos from the channels you follow or discover and navigate through the playlists or videos uploaded by a channel. Subscribing to a channel is easier as well.

The new app also makes it easier to discover more content while watching a video. Pressing the up or down arrow on your remote will reveal related videos or more videos from the same user.

Google is continuing to improve Google TV, but small updates and improvements like this probably won't be enough to convince users to start buying more smart TV's, even though the same strategy has worked wonders for Google when it comes to websites, web apps and services.

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