98 Percent of Canadians Believe Global Warming Is Happening

Just a very small portion of the population is still unconvinced

A new statistic shows that just 2 percent of Canadians still believe that global warming is a fabrication, and not currently happening. IPAC-CO2 Research Inc. has just released the results of its latest analysis on climate change, and the results are very important for authorities.

Canadians – except for this small minority – are convinced that the phenomenon is real, and that humans have a role to play in this. Not all are convinced that our activities are the main driver of global warming, but 98 percent of the population acknowledges that we are involved in upsetting the balance.

Carbon capture and storage, introducing electric and alternative fuel cars, bringing carbon taxation into law and curbing emissions were suggested by Canadians as the most important steps to follow in remedying the global situation, Science Blog reports.

The new statistic is available to the public on the IPAC-CO2 website.

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