96-Year-Old Who Cannot Sing Creates Moving Tribute After Wife's Death

Fred Stobaugh's lyrics were picked up by the Green Shoe Studio

A song created by a 96-year-old man from Illinois after the death of his wife has a very moving quality to it.

The song was written by Fred Stobaugh and it was sent to the Green Shoe Studio's singer-songwriter competition in an envelope. The contest was meant for singer-songwriters but producers made an exception.

The song is titled “Sweet Lorraine” and it is basically an ode to his late wife. Jacob Colgan has put the lyrics to music and he has professionally recorded it.

When he contacted Stobaugh, the latter thought that he would have to pay for the recording session, and he was touched by the studio’s offer. He worked together with musicians to have the song become what he had imagined it to be.

"I really, really miss her," Stobaugh says when speaking about his wife.

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