92% of Data Breaches Are Avoidable, Study Finds [Infographic]

Druva experts have analyzed the details of security incidents

Cloud security experts from Druva – a leader in offering enterprise endpoint backup solutions – has compiled an interesting infographic to detail the growth and trends of security breaches.

Perhaps the most interesting thing they discovered is that 92% of incidents can actually be avoided if the proper measures are set in place.

The study found that half of them can be prevented with source data encryption and secure data backups, while the other 42% can be mitigated with the use of Data Access Control (DAC) systems.

Other figures show that healthcare companies are the most common targets of data breaches, followed by educational institutions, governments, and firms from the financial sector.

It turns out that organizations from the United States could have saved around $44 billion (€36 billion) – in monetary loss alone – had they implemented these measures.

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