911 Operator Criticized for Being Insensitive When Taking Amanda Berry's Call

He dispatched squad cars to her location in under 2 minutes

The 911 dispatcher answering the call of a frightened Amanda Berry is coming under fire for using an insensitive tone and failing to keep the freed kidnapping victim on the phone.

It's understandable how someone would be concerned over the operator not talking to Berry longer. She could have been in more trouble had her kidnapper returned earlier and come after her.

As I said, she was freed with the help of neighbor Charles Ramsey, whose interview after breaking the door down at Ariel Castro's house has become viral.

“While the call-taker complied with policies and procedures, which enabled a very fast response by police, we have noted some concerns which will be the focus of our review, including the call-taker's failure to remain on the line with Ms. Berry until police arrived on the scene," public safety director for Cleveland Martin Flask tells the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The operator was, however, swift in aiding Berry by sending out police squad cars to her location in under 2 minutes.

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