91-Year-Old Indiana Great-Grandmother Wins Lottery Twice

Lena Eaton beat the odds, and grabbed the jackpot twice in two months

Lena Eaton from Indianapolis, Indiana in the U.S., stumbled upon a fortune late in life. Namely, the great-grandmother is 91 years old, and she just won the lottery, not once, but twice in the last couple of months.

Pictured above, she holds her prize tickets, totaling $399,999 (€312,000) in combined lottery winnings. First, a Quick Draw ticket brought her a $300,000 prize (€235,000), in August. She beat one in 8.9 million odds to match fifty percent of her Quick Draw numbers.

For her second win, she went home with $99,000 (€77,000) after scratching off a Scorchin’ Hot 9s ticket. Lena's chances of winning both prizes were a staggering one in 5.7 trillion.

The nonagenarian's life is set to change drastically. After a lifetime of playing the lottery regularly, she is set to treat herself and do some traveling, the Indy Star reports.

She plans to use her prize money to help out her six children, their 16 kids, and her more than 20 great grandchildren. If anything is left, she will change the windows in her home and remodel the bathroom.

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