$91,500 (€70,568) T-Shirt Made from Crocodile Skin Sparks Anger Amongst Conservationists

The luxurious and insanely expensive men's T-shirt is sold by Hermes

All thanks to its being made from crocodile skin, the Hermes T-shirt featured in the picture above has a rather impressive price tag.

Not to beat about the bush: it appears that those wishing to buy it and wear it would do best to cough up a whopping $91,500 (€70,568).

Since most people have trouble just trying to wrap their heads around the idea that one item of clothing could possibly cost more than a nice-looking car, the brand wishes to stress the fact that the T-shirt is meant to be a luxury and that its selling price thoroughly reflects that, sources say.

Needless to say, animal rights activists are bound to be taken aback by the news that innocent crocodiles got slaughtered for the sake of fashion.

More so given the fact that, at least from my standpoint, the resulting product does not even look all that great either.

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