90-Inch LCD from Sharp Enables Uncanny Digital Signs

For avenues when paper posters just aren't good enough anymore

90 inches is the largest LCDs have ever gotten, and Sharp is one of the very few display makers that have such things to offer.

So far, we know of only one 90-inch AQUOS TV. That does not mean there are no 90-inch LCDs of other sorts, however.

In fact, according to Sharp itself, the IT player also has a 90-inch digital signage display.

More likely to be strapped to a wall upright than horizontally (although some shops may choose normal type of placement), the R903 is the version of the LCD TV made for public advertising and such.

It will ship form January 28, 2013 onwards and will have a brightness of 700 cd/m2. Among its assets is that it can display human models in real size when in portrait view.

On February 25, 2013, Sharp will also release the 70-inch PN-R703. No prices have been disclosed, sadly.

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