9-Year-Old Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

The girl's parents say the child's father, age 17, is now on the run

This past January, a 9-year-old girl from Mexico allegedly gave birth to a 5.7 pounds (roughly 2.6 kilograms) baby girl whose supposed father, age 17, now finds himself on the run.

Dafne, as this 9-year-old is reportedly named, has 10 siblings, and her parents claim that, because of their busy working hours and because of their having so many children, they were unable to properly look after her.

Due the fact that Dafne has thus far declined to make any statements concerning how it was exactly that she got pregnant, authorities are yet to rule out child abuse.

According to Huffington Post, a spokesperson for the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office made a case of how, “Due to her young age, we don’t know if she is being entirely truthful,” meaning that they cannot take any statements that Dafne might make for granted.

Dafne's child was born on January 27, at the Zoquipan Hospital in Jalisco (i.e. a region in western Mexico) by cesarean section.

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