9-Year-Old Breaks Record, Becomes Youngest to Pass University-Level Piano Exam

Curtis Elton will be playing in concerts with his mother

A young boy from Britain has passed an exam that tests university-level piano playing skills.

Nine-year-old Curtis Elton has broken a record for being the youngest certified piano player in the world.

According to the Telegraph, Curtis, of north London, has barely gone through his Grade 8 exam last year.

He takes his talent from his mother, concert pianist Hayley Elton. She has taught her son to play the piano since the age of three.

She has also been dubbed a prodigy after entering the Guildhall School Of Music at just eight years old. She was the youngest to ever pass the entrance exam.

Curtis has been granted an ATCL (Associate, Trinity College, London) diploma. He will performing live with his mom in November, playing the music of Mozart and Bach.

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