9 Windows Phones Based on Mango to Be Unveiled Tomorrow

Last year, Microsoft and its partners unveiled a number of no less than nice handsets powered by the Windows Phone 7 platform, and it seems that a similar number is about to be unveiled tomorrow, during an already discussed event in New York City.

Microsoft's OEM partners are said to be on their way to unveil a number of nine new Windows Phone devices tomorrow, but these handsets are expected to hit shelves only sometime in fall.

On May 24th, Microsoft should bring to the spotlight handsets from Samsung (four), HTC (two), Dell (one) and Acer (two), rumor has it.

While info on the platform itself did emerge before, little is known on the hardware it would be loaded on, and exactly this is what should be unveiled tomorrow.

Apparently, some highly appealing devices are set to land on shelves with Windows Phone Mango on board in fall, including one Samsung smartpone that would resemble a lot to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone.

Moreover, HTC is rumored to plan unveiling a 16-megapixel camera phone, which made an appearance before, and which might sport the name of HTC Bresson.

Apparently, HTC would plan on bringing this device on shelves at T-Mobile, but it would be released in Europe as well, being either the Omega or the Eternity smartphones that were already rumored for HTC.

Dell might bring to shelves either the Wrigley or the Venue Pro MLK with Windows Phone on board, but no other details are available on the matter for the time being.

Specific info on the aforementioned two smartphones from Acer lacks as well.

What is also interesting to note is that LG does not appear on the list of handset vendors set to announce new Windows Phones tomorrow, and that Nokia is not there either.

Of course, all of the above represent only a rumor for the time being, and things might be different when the said conference kicks off tomorrow.

But we should not forget that Nokia did promise a Windows Phone for this year, and that the device might debut at the same time as Mango does, sometime in the fourth quarter of the year.

Also tomorrow, the Redmond-based software giant is expected to unveil far more details on the next Windows Phone release, Mango. Recently, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, stated that the platform would arrive with over 500 new features.

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