9-Month-Old Twin Babies Swim a 25-Meter Pool Length

These twins cannot crawl, walk or talk, but they love to swim

The stars of this video are William and Ellenita Trykush, the amazing twins from Cirencester, Gloucestershire, who, at just nine months, can do an entire lap in a 25-meter pool.

The babies were born prematurely, by an emergency caesarean performed six weeks before their due date, Daily Mail writes.

Even as they cannot walk or crawl yet, they seem to be in their element in their local pool. They swim in the deep end, in the adults' pool, and they need nobody to hold them stay afloat.

The twins being so at ease in water is definitely out of the ordinary, and they stunned their swimming teachers.

“Normally children can swim at age three or four at the earliest,” duckling style trainer Amy Stanley says.

You can watch as they smile while they are during their laps, a proof of the fact that they are enjoying themselves.

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