9 Animals Found Dead and Partially Decayed in Warren, Michigan

Authorities suspect negligence and animal cruelty are to blame

This past Wednesday night, officials working with the Animal Welfare League in Warren, Michigan came across nine dead animals carefully concealed in a home on Hamilton Street.

Given the fact that all of the five dead dogs authorities retrieved from this address were partially decayed, it is now argued that the deaths occurred quite a while ago, and that nobody bothered to do anything about it.

Moreover, sources say that one of the dogs was half eaten, but nobody can say for sure how that happened and what other animal decided to see it as its next meal.

The other animals were four cats, and officials explain that all four of them were crammed inside a small cage left outside the house.

Neighbors claim that the home's owner is not a bad person, and that this unfortunate situation is most likely the result of things somehow getting out of hand.

For the time being, local authorities are doing their best in contacting the residents of this home, yet thus far all efforts have been in vain.

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