8GB iPhone 3G S Almost Confirmed

There seems to be enough evidence that indicates an upcoming 8GB iPhone 3G S model

Apple appears to be gearing up for replacing its 8GB iPhone 3G with a 3G S model carrying the same storage capacity, reports say. Screenshots of a Rogers Wireless report yet to be posted, as well as an 8GB iPhone 3G S reference from another Rogers web page, should be enough to confirm that an 8GB version of Apple’s newest handset is waiting to see the light of day.

“...it seems that Rogers in Canada is in the process of shipping iPhone 3GS 8GB flavor handsets to stores,” BoyGeniusReport claims. BGR, which has been accurate on such rumors in the past, also found an "iPhone Comparison" chart from Rogers Wireless, which contained references to a yet-unreleased iPhone 3G S model, namely the black 8GB version. The only real question now is, will Apple make the introduction quietly, or will the company make an official announcement? The Mac maker is known to merely post availability of a product on its web store every time memory / storage changes are in order.

Other rumors circulating say that Apple is preparing to introduce Blu-ray support across its entire Mac lineup. The same BGR claims to have recently received a tip from a “pretty reliable source” with details of iTunes 9 upcoming features which include Blu-ray support, the site claims. iTunes 9 is also said to finally allow users to visually organize and arrange their iPhone and iPod touch applications. BGR trusts that Apple will use its yearly Apple iPod event (September) to make the announcement.

Perhaps more exciting are rumors of an upcoming Apple tablet coming from the Cupertino labs. Talks of such a device have been around for eons, but evidence that the company is indeed working on such a product has emerged only recently. Whichever rumor you like best, feel free to leave your comments.

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