88% of Companies Don’t Protect Their Databases Against Threats – Infographic

Here are the results of a study performed by GreenSQL

A recent study performed by GreenSQL reveals that 88% of organizations still fail to protect their databases against both internal and external threats.

The figures show that when asked about how they protected their data against SQL Injection attacks, 52% of respondents said they improved code practices, 18% used an application firewall, 12% utilized a database firewall, and 18% did nothing to secure their databases.

“The survey reveals that almost all companies are still vulnerable to internal and external threats. Simply improving code practices is not enough to protect databases from internal threats,” explained Amir Sadeh, the CEO of GreenSQL.

“The vast majority risks damage to corporate reputations, fines, law suits, and loss of customers’ confidence and business by deploying no database protection whatsoever. This is tantamount to a corporate death wish.”

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