87% of Corporate Computers Lack Critical Software Updates, F-Secure Warns

The solution to such issues lies in patch management software

Security solutions provider F-Secure warns that 87% of the corporate computers they’ve gathered data from lack critical software updates. This represents a serious threat to business security, especially now, when large organizations are often targeted by cyberattacks.

“From the numbers, it appears many people don’t fully understand that keeping software up-to-date is a critical component of computer and business security. 70 to 80 percent of the top ten malware detected by our Labs are exploits targeted against software vulnerabilities,” noted Esa Tornikoski, product manager at F-Secure.

More precisely, one to four critical updates have not been installed on 49% of PCs and laptops. Even worse, 13% of devices are missing ten or more updates.

This is a serious issue considering that most attacks are successful because companies fail to keep their software updated. For instance, the Red October campaign against high-profile organizations relied on exploiting vulnerabilities that were patched by vendors long ago.

In case your company is having trouble keeping all software updated, you can check out F-Secure’s Software Updater, a patch management solution included in the security firm’s Protection Service for Business.

“Many of these computers are in terrible shape in terms of data security,” says Erkki Mustonen, information security advisor at F-Secure.

“With F-Secure’s Software Updater, these environments are easily kept up-to-date. Software Updater is a proactive patch management feature of F-Secure Protection Service for Business that handles not only patches, but also version updates,” Mustonen added.

“Protection Service for Business is an all-in-one solution for corporate security,” says Tornikoski. “The fact that it also includes Software Updater saves businesses from having to make extra investments in separate patch management software.”

To learn more about the latest malware threats in real time, you can check out F-Secure’s global virus map.

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