87 Billion Spam Emails Sent Out Each Day in Q3 of 2012, Commtouch Reports

1.9 billion of these messages contained pieces of malware

Most security solutions providers have released their threat reports for the third quarter of 2012. One of these companies is Commtouch, whose Q3 study offers some interesting insight and even more interesting numbers, especially when it comes to spam.

The figures from the report show that, on average, 87 billion spam/phishing emails have been sent out each day. 1.9 billion of them contained malware.

It’s obvious by now, but the Commtouch October 2012 Internet Threats Trend Report reinforces the fact that the number of malicious elements designed to target Android devices has increased considerably.

One noteworthy finding refers to the takedown of the Grum spam botnet. After FireEye disrupted it, the number of spam messages sent out daily dropped to 51 billion, which is the lowest number recorded in the past 3 years.

Unfortunately, the good news only lasted for a short period. A few days later, spam levels were back to normal.

Commtouch October 2012 Internet Threats Trend Report is available here, but if you’re interested only in the highlights, you can check out the summary slideshow.

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